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SNSD perform kat KLCC!
Annyeong! Smalam SNSD dtg KLCC!!!! Jelesnyer sbb x dpt pegi. Dorg dtg ni sempena F1. Nad un x pasti ape F1 tu. Biarkn je la. Tp Nad rse Yuri  x dtg. Sbb tgk kat mne2 video pon, mmg Yuri x der. 

Ni suasana kat KLCC. Gler pnye crowded kan? Nad rse, rmai yg dtg sbb nk tgk SNSD jerk. Nk tgk video time dorg wat persembahan tu?

Bring the boys out! Ni jer video time dorg wat persembahan yg Nad jmpe.

Ni video time kat KLIA. Pergh.. Rmai gler kn? 

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