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Welcome to my blog, Chingu. This is officially my kpop blog :D "It's just fascinating, the fact that there are at least some people who like us" - CNU

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Teen Top new album!

Teen Top with their new album! "It's". Best gler lagu2 dlm album ni!!! Nk dgr? Boleh2. Jap eh.

Tajuk lagu ni is Teen Top! Best gegiler! Rugi x dgr.

Going Crazy, tajuk lagu ats ni ^. Try larh dgr! Best !!!

Yg ni pon best gak! Tajuk lagu ni? Where's ma girl!

It's "Girlfriend"! Best lagu ni! 

Ade satu jer yg ade mv! Sori guys. Yg laen mmg x de mv. Nk wat cmne. Kesemuanyer ade 4 lagu dlm album ni! Cbe kire. Ckop x? Mesti ar ckup! hihi... :D

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