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Welcome to my blog, Chingu. This is officially my kpop blog :D "It's just fascinating, the fact that there are at least some people who like us" - CNU

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Persembahan solo Ryeowook ( Moves Like Jagger )

Ni video time Ryeowook wat persembahan solo. Bg Nad, "Woooh!!! Skenyer". hihi. Tp ade gak bahagian yg Nad x ske. Nk tau yg mne? Bahagian pompuan tu pegang bdn Ryeowook. Sumpah Nad jeles gler2... Pompuan tu pasal hah? Yelaa2... Pompuan tu just a dancer. Tp Nad ttp jeles gler. Nad pon nk pegang bdn Ryeowook... #alamak!penyakitgatalNaddhdtg hahah... Sori ye sbb ade yg grk2 n tertutup turh.. Ni Nad amik from fancam so mesti la gerak2 skit.

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